Reach out to somone you can trust, speak to another firefighter about what it takes to buy a home.  Even if you aren't ready and just curious about the process.  We will take the time to walk you through any questions you have.

Loans FOR  

By Firefighters

Speak to someone you can trust that cares about one thing only... helping out his brothers and sisters looking for help!


Many Loan Programs Available

Home Purchase Loans


From approval to closing we have you covered with numerous loan types, programs, and lengths available to fit whatever need you may have.  Loans tailored to fit your finances.

Home Refinance Loans


With interest rates still at 30 year lows, its still an excellent time to refinance, get rid of PMI, and shed years and interest off your loan.

No PMI Options Available

Did you know you don't have to put 20% down to get rid of PMI?  Put your money to work elsewhere, ask us about our minimum down no PMI options.

FHA Home Financing


Great for first time homebuyers, low down payment options, closing cost assistance available.

Conventional Home Financing


Ask us about our no PMI options!!! First time homebuyers less than 5% down available.

VA Home Financing

No down payment required, No PMI, Closing Cost Assistance Available.


Firefighter Home Loans is operated by fully licensed mortgage lenders and firefighters of 10 years, who know the industry and have a high desire to help firefighters in Texas take advantage of every program available for firefighters.  


We know it is tough out there and you never know who to trust because it just seems everyone wants something from you.  All we want at Firefighter Home Loans. is to take care of our fire service family. Looking out for our brothers, sisters and their families in the fire service is what we do.  You don't need perfect credit or over 20% down, we have programs that work for anyone, in any situation.  


Don't believe me, still skeptical?  Check out our testimonials.



See how well we take care of our family:

FF Tidwell

Cy-Fair, Texas

John with Firefighter Home Loans was awesome. He knew everything about financing and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. He gave me his attention day and night. I was astonished at the customer service care him and his team gave us. I would recommend John to anyone for their next home.

FF Craft

Richmond, Texas

John was phenomenal. He was with us every step of the way and went above and beyond to help us buy our first home. Thank you, John! I highly recommend John to anyone and everyone.

EO Parada

Missouri City, Texas

John has been the most professional person I have had the pleasure of doing buisness with. From the first day we spoke about the home loan process he told me he was going to be ready to help day or night. This proved to be true whether it was returning a text message at 11pm or responding to an email early in the morning he was there. From start to closing John was focused on our needs, explained the loan timeline, gave fast responses and was very organized . John is very knowledgeable and there wasn't a question that he did not have an answer too. I highly recommend him and his team, we set a target date for closing and we were ready prior to that date. This guy really cares.

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