Home Purchase Loans


Go ahead and dream.


From approval to closing to funding, our Texas mortgage banker services can make your primary, secondary, or investment property hopes reality. Our full suite of Texas home loan options includes perfect-credit, FHA loans, jumbo loans, VA loans, and difficult-to-place loans. And our Fast Trac purchase loan program makes sure you are fully approved prior to signing a home purchase contract.


If you are looking to purchase a new or existing home, Firefighter Home Loans can help. For the past six years, tens of thousands of families and Firefighters have trusted us to help them purchase the home of their dreams. As a firefighter mortgage banker, Firefighter Home Loans will provide a safe and stable home loan for you and your family.


Firefighter Home Loans offers a wide range of options for your specific needs. Although it’s best to be able to pay a large down payment on a home loan, we also offer programs for qualified applicants with little to no cash down.


Take a look at some of our purchase loan options listed below.


  • 96.5% Financing for First Time Home Buyers.

  • 96.5% financing with credit collections.

  • 96.5% financing if you are in consumer credit counseling.

  • 96.5% financing 3 years after Foreclosure on FHA loans.

  • 100% financing on VA loans.

  • Up to 100% financing on USDA loans.

  • Up to 100% financing on all loans with Down Payment Assistance Programs Available.

  • 96.5% financing if you are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for the past year and paying on time with a minimum credit score of 640.

  • 96.5% Financing on FHA 2 years after chapter 7 bankruptcy with credit score above 640.

  • 96.5% financing on FHA loans with credit scores as low as 620.

  • 95% Conventional Financing with Credit Scores as low as 640.

  • Home Purchase Loans up to $10,000,000.

  • Restrictions apply.

  • Many more options available.